When we starting looking at preschools for our daughter, we found Kids Count and were so impressed with the professionalism of Crystal and Jo Jean and their commitment level to the children.
At our initial meeting with them, we were presented with a curriculum and daily schedule as well as a handbook that clearly described all the procedures and guidelines for the school.

Our daughter attended for two years and loved the school. She built a life altering relationship with Miss Crystal and Miss Jo Jean. I was late calling to register my son for the Novice class and Crystal was full. Crystal graciously made some suggestions of other schools but I told her he would wait for next year as we did not want him in any other school.

The next year, my son attended and fell in love with Miss Crystal and Miss Jo Jean. When it came time for the parent teacher conference, Crystal graciously recommended we not send him to Kindergarten in the fall for academic as well as physical and developmental issues.

Here comes the life changing thing about Kids Count Learning Center – Crystal made a commitment to develop activities to focus on what our son would need to get ready for Kindergarten and prevent him from doing the same things two years in a row. Thanks to the dedication of Crystal and Jo Jean our son went to Kindergarten with all the skills he needed to be successful. He not only had the academics but the social skills and knowledge of how to act in a classroom, listening, following directions, making good choices.

He still, two years later is asking to return to Kids Count Learning Center. Crystal and Jo Jean gave both of our children a great foundation to build their education on. We are so grateful for these two wonderful ladies.

Pamela Atwood – Belgrade

I went to Kids Count Learning Center from 1998 to 2000. I am now graduating from Messalonskee High School and still think about my time in Pre-School. It was there that I learned to read and write and just have fun. I remember that we learned in ways that were new and exciting. My most vivid memory is of a time when we were learning about pumpkins and the class got to dissect them.. just to see what was inside.
My class used to read in the tree house in the playroom and learn to write in the kitchen. I was in the first graduating class of this school and this is where I got my thirst for learning. Miss Crystal and Miss JoJean were my first teachers and will always be two of my favorites.

Kaileigh Lenentine – Sidney

Both of my daughters have had the privilege of attending Kids Count Learning Center. The teachers are trustworthy, caring, and supportive to ensure the best learning environment for children.

My oldest daughter is 15 years old and attended two years with her teachers, Miss Crystal and Miss Jo-Jean. She was a very timid little girl. As educators, these two ladies were always patient, understanding, and ready to hug. I never doubted leaving my child in their care.
Now, my second daughter is loving Kids Count. She immediately responded to the positive, gentle teachers and environment that Kids Count has always shown children. She is learning educational, developmental, and social skills in a fun, safe environment. I highly recommend Kids Count Learning Center because it is a place where children feel safe, loved, and happy!


Erica Pendexter – Winslow

I have 2 daughters that were blessed to have gone to Kids Count Learning Center! Crystal and her staff are fabulous people and amazing teachers! I wouldn’t have sent my children anywhere else!

Such an incredible preschool for our little ones just starting to learn! I wouldn’t have had it any other way!

Brenda Given – Waterville

I would like to comment, as a personal friend. You are a wonderful, caring person, who had the ability to achieve what you set out to do. You are exceptional! Any child who is under your instruction will certainly learn not only by words, but by example. You are a great role model, as is your mother who has been your role model. You hold deep family values, showing love and respect to all. You also have a great love and devotion for being a servant of our Lord… and I am so happy to call you my friend. Keep up the good work.

Becky Veilleux Gilbert – Vassalboro

My daughter and son, now 8 and 6 respectively, both attended Kids Count Learning Center for two years prior to attending Kindergarten.
The moment I had my first meeting with Crystal, I knew instantly that my children were going to be in a safe, nurturing place. This was important for me since I became a stay-at-home mother after my daughter was born. I didn’t want to leave my children with just anyone. Crystal and JoJean are not “just anyone”. They loved and cared for my children even better than I anticipated. They are passionate about educating children and their demeanor shows this. The line between fun and discipline is almost invisible. They are the most even tempered ladies I know! 🙂

Crystal and JoJean got to know my children and built a trusting relationship with them within days of them attending. I cannot say enough about the role they played in shaping my children’s futures in learning. To this day, my children talk about “Miss Crystal and Miss JoJean”, and how they want to go back and visit. That alone tells me what a wonderful place Kids Count Learning Center is.


Shannon Bizier – Oakland

Kid’s Count Learning Center is the best preschool in the area. It’s a very clean and organized center; and every parent should strive to put the children into a school like this.

Luke Niedner – Livermore

Crystal is a very kind person.  She’s an understanding person, very well organized, and clean.  Although I don’t have any children in preschool right now, I would recommend her to anyone that has kids. I respect her as a teacher and admire her commitment to education of youngsters.

Laura Adams – Waterville

My grandson went to Miss Crystal’s and he is now almost 12. When Kyle saw Miss Crystal just a few months ago in a store (in line) he went up and gave her a Big Hug. He had wonderful memories there and still talks about Miss Crystal and Miss JoJean

Theresa Glidden – Waterville

Jennifer went to preschool for two years with Miss Crystal, wow, waaayyy back about a zillion years ago. It was, I believe, 1999 and 2000 that she was there. She still talks about it! She’s now a high school junior, and was hoping to volunteer there as well this year as part of one of her classes.

Rachel Howe MacArthur – Waterville