I used to pick up my niece at Kids Count and my daughter used to love seeing all the fun that the kids were having and I used to love to see Elyssa share all the things she was learning with Emily. So when it was time for us to chose a preschool the following year, there was no question as to where our daughter would go – to Kids Count.

Crystal and JoJean each have their own special way about them and with how they interact with the kids… but it is always with patience, understanding and with love. Emily learned so much in her two years and entered school as a confident, independent thinker and learner.
So five years later when we needed a place for our son to go for preschool there was really no other place to turn to but Kids Count. Emily has now entered 6th grade and Garrett is in 1st. Kids Count was definitely the best choice for our kids to start their education.

I would highly recommend Kids Count for anyone who wants the very best for their kids and for an excellent introduction to what school is all about! Great Job, ladies!!!

Susan Giguere – Oakland

My daughter Allie had the privilege of spending two enriching years with Miss Crystal and Miss JoJean. Allie is in 1st grade this year and is very advanced in her academics and socially. She is a leader and well adjusted.

The school knew from Kindergarten registration what pre-school Allie had attended and they reported they can decipher which kids come from Kids Count due to their readiness for school.
I thank you Miss Crystal and Miss JoJean for giving my little girl the confidence she has in school. I have recommended this school to my in laws and my nephew currently attends and my son who is on the way will also be going there as well. So please don’t retire in the next 3 years.

Jen Leclair-Cyr – Sidney

Crystal is my cousin and her passion in life is her family and her preschool! I see her work day and night planning her activities, cutting out projects, and researching new things to do.

I have also had many of our old daycare kids attend Crystals preschool and most would ask days in advance if today was the day for Miss Crystals only to be disappointed they were a day early.

Crystal puts her heart and soul into her preschool and the children who attend! You won’t be disappointed in your choice to go to Kids Count because they truly do count 100% of the time with Crystal.

Tausha Duprey – Winslow

Kids Count Learning Center is a wonderful place to start your preschool child’s education. Miss Crystal is a wonderful teacher with love, knowledge and experience to give to a young developing mind. Our 3 children all attended Kids Count and I couldn’t have been more pleased with the amount of fun, learning and nurturing they received throughout the years. There was always a monthly lesson plan sent home so we knew what our child was learning, interactive crafts that our children made each week and daily developmental play with their friends. Miss Crystal will forever be one of our families most cherished teachers.

Amy Crommett – Albion

Miss Crystal is a wonderful preschool teacher. She is someone who truly cares about her job and her students. Both my son and daughter went to Kids Count. I felt safe leaving my little ones with her. Her preschool is clean and colorful and she does many wonderful lessons with her students. Some of them are still hanging on my wall. I would highly recommend Kids Count to anyone who is looking for a preschool program.

Nicole Wescott – Clinton

We sent our twin boys to Kids Count and it was the best thing for our family! Those twins are now starting 8th grade and Ms. Crystal and her staff gave our boys the best start to their education and added so much to their childhood. They were loved, encouraged to try new things, and learned so much about themselves and others. We still talk lovingly about this experience and I credit Kids Count Learning Center for starting the twins off on such a positive way! Thank you Ms.Crystal for all you did for them! We love you ♥

Janet Johnson – Waterville

Both my daughters attended Kids Count and I would recommend them to anyone that has children going to preschool. Ms. Crystal and Ms. Jojean made learning fun and both my girls have excelled in school and I truly believe it was because they had a great preschool experience.

The school was always clean and very cheery and they had awesome field trips and a great playground area.  Ms. Crystal and Ms. JoJean were very caring and you could tell that they loved their jobs and the kids.

Hazel Labbe – Belgrade