Pamela Atwood – Belgrade

When we starting looking at preschools for our daughter, we found Kids Count and were so impressed with the professionalism of Crystal and Jo Jean and their commitment level to the children.
At our initial meeting with them, we were presented with a curriculum and daily schedule as well as a handbook that clearly described all the procedures and guidelines for the school.

Our daughter attended for two years and loved the school. She built a life altering relationship with Miss Crystal and Miss Jo Jean. I was late calling to register my son for the Novice class and Crystal was full. Crystal graciously made some suggestions of other schools but I told her he would wait for next year as we did not want him in any other school.

The next year, my son attended and fell in love with Miss Crystal and Miss Jo Jean. When it came time for the parent teacher conference, Crystal graciously recommended we not send him to Kindergarten in the fall for academic as well as physical and developmental issues.

Here comes the life changing thing about Kids Count Learning Center – Crystal made a commitment to develop activities to focus on what our son would need to get ready for Kindergarten and prevent him from doing the same things two years in a row. Thanks to the dedication of Crystal and Jo Jean our son went to Kindergarten with all the skills he needed to be successful. He not only had the academics but the social skills and knowledge of how to act in a classroom, listening, following directions, making good choices.

He still, two years later is asking to return to Kids Count Learning Center. Crystal and Jo Jean gave both of our children a great foundation to build their education on. We are so grateful for these two wonderful ladies.