Susan Giguere – Oakland

I used to pick up my niece at Kids Count and my daughter used to love seeing all the fun that the kids were having and I used to love to see Elyssa share all the things she was learning with Emily. So when it was time for us to chose a preschool the following year, there was no question as to where our daughter would go – to Kids Count.

Crystal and JoJean each have their own special way about them and with how they interact with the kids… but it is always with patience, understanding and with love. Emily learned so much in her two years and entered school as a confident, independent thinker and learner.
So five years later when we needed a place for our son to go for preschool there was really no other place to turn to but Kids Count. Emily has now entered 6th grade and Garrett is in 1st. Kids Count was definitely the best choice for our kids to start their education.

I would highly recommend Kids Count for anyone who wants the very best for their kids and for an excellent introduction to what school is all about! Great Job, ladies!!!